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It all started with my brother-in-law...

It all started with my brother-in-law Mike who has been doing golf maintenance for well over 20 years. He tried every type of method from repellents, decoys, dogs and anything else that you could think of. He finally got tired of having to deal with all of the mess left on his golf course and so he went to my brother Randy who had spent 30+ years in the remote-controlled industry.

Mike and Randy wanted to develop a tool that would last for years and do nothing but scare the geese off of any property and to make it simple so that anybody could run it. Mike had done research and found out that Cornell University came up with the most ideal characteristics to scare geese away. Birds can see colors very well so colors like orange, silver and yellow make a lasting impression on most of migratory birds. All of the other materials are state-of-the-art and meant to last a very long time. They didn't want to invent a toy but rather something that would solve this troubling problem.

They have sold it to over 400 clients and the reviews are amazing. Many golf courses and parks have stated that this is the best product that they have ever come across with for geese control. It works on the water, sand, grass and just about any other surface that you can think of.

Goosinator Is Guaranteed To Chase Those Pesky Geese Away

If you start chasing them just after the molting season in August, then you won't have to worry about them laying any eggs on your property. Within minutes from taking the Goosinator out of its box and running it, your goose problem will quickly begin go away. You'll have to run it hard for about a week or two and then do it periodically to keeping your problem away. Most of the time we can just pull up in a golf cart with the Goosinator in our hands and that's just enough to scare them away. When they're flying overhead and they see the Goosinator, most of the time they will just fly off onto somebody else's property.

We are a family run business that takes pride in giving you the best customer service that we possibly can.

Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we can help you with the kind of geese control that you need.

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Thanks so much for your time and let's start making your geese problems go away.