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You've tried everything you can think of to get rid of geese-dogs, decoys, liquid bird repellants-but nothing has worked so far. You feel like you've been on a wild goose chase. Don't despair-an answer to your goose problem is within reach. We sell the perfect goose repellant... The Goosinator!

Since geese are a protected species, our owner, Randy, had to get creative to find out what they hated most. Then, he put that knowledge to work and built the ultimate humane goose deterrent. Call Randy at 303-916-1676 now to buy your very own Goosinator.

Works On

the grass
the water
the snow
the ice
the sand

What makes The Goosinator so great?

The Goosinator is perfect for golf courses, office parks, home owner's associations and any place that has manicured grasses. It can be operated by one person and works on nearly any terrain. See what our customers are saying about The Goosinator:

Grazing geese cause thousands in damage to golf courses and keeps patrons away. Golfers want to play a releaxing round of golf...they don't want to battle geese or step around their waste the whole time. The Goosinator will keep your course green and clean by moving all geese onto other pastures. Investing in one Goosinator is enough to solve your problem on Grass, Water, Sand, Ice and Snow. The result: increased member satisfaction and decreased maintenance costs

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