Goose Repellent

Goose repellent has been very popular for many years to eliminate any geese problems from a golf course, park, residence or some other type of property.

Most of these repellents are made from a concentrated grape seed extract and costs anywhere from $120 up $150 a gallon. You take that concentration and dilute it with water and then spray it's on the areas where you don't want any geese to eat away or leave droppings on your grass. However there tends to be some problems that many property managers have told us about.

Whenever you go to mow your grass then the extract gets mowed away and then it has very little effect on the birds. To overcome that problem, people will spray on eight grass retardant so that they don't have to mow as often, but that causes the costs to go up, especially when you are talking about the additional man-hours it takes to do all that.

It also leaves a hazy look on the grass so that the geese recognize it as an area not to eat from or hang out on anymore. They also see that haze from when they fly over so that it inhibits them from landing on that spot.

In some cases this works but you always have these ongoing costs of reapplying the extract, the retardant and putting in all the man-hours to do all this.

To avoid these ongoing costs and to really stop any geese problems, property managers have been contracting out to dog services to help solve their problem. However you run into the same situation in that you constantly have to have the dog out patrolling the area and those costs can really add up as well.

It is so much cheaper to get a tool that will scare the geese away and keep them scared of that area.

By using the Goosinator many times in the beginning and putting an imprint into the geese's minds, then they are less likely to come back. We have used it many times and it works so well. After scaring them a lot in the first 4 to 6 weeks, you only have to take the Goosinator out every now and then to make sure that your goose problem is solved.

We have been on many news channels as you can see on the header of our website. It really is the best solution that exists so please give us a call or shoot us an email and let us help you eliminate your geese problem.

You no longer have to worry about spending money on a goose repellent!

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