Goose Control

Goosinator vs. Dog

Right now a trained goose chasing dog chases geese better than anything else on the market, but we want to show you below the comparisons between a dog and the Goosinator.

Owning a DogUsing a Dog ServiceGoosinator
Initial cost of a trained dog:$5,000 to $10,000$300 to $500 per weekInitial cost of the Goosinator: Much Cheaper Than a Dog (Contact for Current Price)
Yearly Maintenance: $850 to $1,0004 months of service: $4,800 to $8,000Yearly Maintenance: $300 or Less
Can chase on landCan chase on landCan chase on land
Can chase on the snowCan chase on the snowCan chase on the snow
Slow in the waterSlow in the waterQuick in the water
Can't go in cold waterCan't go in cold waterCan go in cold water
Can't go on thin iceCan't go on thin iceCan go on thin ice