How to Keep Geese Away

You can keep geese away with the Goosinator and we have the research to prove that.

Cornell University Reveals Interesting Research for the Goosinator

Hazing, or persistent harassment is often recommended as a nonlethal management strategy for controlling nuisance geese problems. Studies performed by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Cornell University Department of Natural Resources, the USGS, and New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit show data accumulated from different types of hazing.

These research groups concluded that a combination of a Border Collie and remote control boat was the most effective eliminating over 90% of the geese.

The Goosinator is a combination of both a Border Collie and a remote controlled boat, so you can eliminate over 90% of the geese on your property. The Goosinator can also go on ice and snow unlike a remote control boat or a dog.

It has the characteristics of a natural predator for geese, so they get scared very quickly and fly off. It's very simple to operate. In our video, we show our 9 year old daughter operating it. You can learn to operate it in minutes and unlike a dog, you never have to feed it.

You just have to watch our short video to see how effective it is in different weather situations. (Not one goose was offered any monetary value or special treatment for appearing in this video)

There Is Nothing Like The Goosinator To Keep Your Geese Away

All kidding aside, there's really nothing else on the market like this and we guarantee that you'll see results instantly, so give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and let us help you with your goose problem.

In December of 2012, the city of Denver purchased two Goosinators to help them with their massive problems in their parks. It worked so successfully that the media wanted to come out and check it out for themselves.

They reviewed it and concluded that it's the best product to keep geese away. We made a short video from some of the highlights from the media. You can check out the full versions on our media page.

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