Goosinator Decoy

Decoy Goosinator Dummy's are in!

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Get your Goosinator seen from the air and by the lake more often with these Goosinator static units!

A static unit is used after our proven two week chasing protocol.

After your geese have been chased off the property for at least a week (we prefer two), then you can start using the Goosinator Dummy.

Geese see the Goosinator as a predator, so you want to act like a predator, often you want to "chase geese" off of your property, but in order for the function of the Goosinator to work, you actually want to act like a predator. This includes stalking geese, and herding geese. Not chasing one goose off on the end, and then another over far away.

Each time you move a decoy, the geese see the Goosinator dummy as something to fear. Fear imprinting is when an animal learns a predator will chase them. When geese encounter a Goosinator, their fear is related to the fact that in moves like a predator.

Since decoys don't move, we recommend they be relocated often. After a goose is chased off a given property, if they like the grass there a lot, they will send a scout to look from overhead and if they no longer see the predator, they will report back that the coast is clear to come feed.

That's why we don't recommend the use of decoys until you have had your Goosinator in action on a property for at least a week. We then recommend that the decoy be placed close to a water feature, and maybe in or on any golf cars you have available.

These inexpensive units can be deployed in different locations around your property where geese can see them from above. Anywhere geese can see them. Geese are smart! They will learn if the decoy doesn't come after it, they will slowly encroach on the territory. Adding a decoy is just like fake coyotes. They don't work unless moved often. The reason these decoys work is because they are placed on a property in conjunction with active mitigation techniques.

Geese love water!

It represents safety to the geese as NO natural predator stalks them in the water. The Goosinator takes the safety of water away from geese and therefore makes a lasting impression.

Call Randy today in order to secure your dummy Goosinators, or find out how you can extend the effective range of your goose interdiction for larger properties.

The only way geese leave a property is if they sense the presence of a predator!

These decoy units work best when moved daily, and after the geese have been exposed to a live Goosinator unit chasing them off water.

Park systems and other properties like golf courses have used this to greater effect in getting geese off their grounds.

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The Goosinator decoy comes with an H wire to place into the ground, but there may be more ways to place the device on your property.

There have been decoys on floats, decoys zip tied to golf cars, strapped to trees or a single post. How and where you deploy your decoy is up to you!

Call Randy today to find out how a Goosinator decoy can help get geese off of your property.