What Is a Goosinator?

The Goosinator is a remote-controlled, space-aged design specifically made to chase geese off of your property.

The characteristics applied to The Goosinator were researched by Cornell University and leave the longest imprint on the minds of the geese and other migratory birds such as coots and seagulls.

The geese really hate it and you don't even have to get that close to it them scare them away. Because of that, it is the most humane way to clear your geese problem. When you operate it you really only act like a predator that is stalking them and that is enough to get them flying.

The best part about it is that you can keep your lakes, ponds or any other type of water area clean and free. The Goosinator runs on all types of surfaces and then you can just run it in the water and your property will remain clean for a long time.

Goosinator Makes Goose Management Easy

Talking with our clients about their goose management program, we have found out that they run the Goosinator really hard for about a week and then the geese pretty much stay away. After that you need to take it out a couple times a week and they tend to just stay away. That cuts down on massive amounts of costs because the geese are not pooping their average of 1 to 2 pounds a day all over your beautiful grass.

They also tend to have their eggs and offspring in other places rather than on your property. It's important to really start to chase them after the molting season starting in August. If you run it hard and follow our recommended program, then you'll be able to rid your beautiful lawns of any goslings.

It's very simple to operate and the minute you get our box you'll be able to start your goose management program

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