Cost Analysis

For Goose Damage to a Golf Course

I did a cost analysis for the amount of money my golf course spends each year on geese management.

We spend a lot of man-hours on scattering the geese and cleaning up goose droppings. Below are some conservative estimates that you can apply to your course.

The total cost to our golf course and similar to yours is at least

** I estimated everything conservatively, so you probably will spend even more**

We wanted to develop a product that would get rid of your geese and be less than half of the cost of normal geese maintenance.

Call or e-mail Randy right now at 303-916-1676 and find out how we can solve your goose problem at an affordable price. Or please feel free to shoot us an e-mail!

"Last year I spent over 10 GRAND on my Goose Problem. The Goosinator has saved me 1000s of Dollars."

Steve Bruening | General Manager

Riverdale Dunes & Knolls

"Randy I wanted to tell you how fabulous the goosinator has worked for us. As a superintendent I've been fighting the goose problem for 15 years. The only thing which got marginal results was setting up a schedule for regular frequent chasing in carts. I now spend at least 5 times less on labor and, my estimate would be, have gone from having to drag fairways, tees, and green surrounds once a week and still having a mess out there, to having to search for any goose droppings. That is the most amazing thing no goose droppings There seems to be a residual effect of keeping them away. The goosinator is the closest thing to magic I've seen."

Phil Jacobsen | Golf Course Maint. Supervisor

Littleton Golf Club